I am currently in my 11th year of teaching chemistry, and I teach at my favorite school, East Coweta High School, in Sharpsburg, GA.

After graduating from Lakeside High School in DeKalb County, I earned a BS in chemistry from Furman University and an MS in physical chemistry from Georgia Tech. At GT I met my husband, a mechanical engineer. Ken started his own business in 2007, Thermopore Corporation, a porous plastics production company. Being immersed in an engineering entrepreneurship has been a huge experience for our family.

I have worked as a quality control chemist at Michelin Tire Corporation, and my mother worked as a Coca-Cola Company chemist for over 25 years. I love bringing the real world into the classroom, so my background serves me well.

After teaching college students at both Georgia Tech and the University of Houston I realized that it is the energy of high school students that invigorates me, and their energy drives my passion for going to work everyday. Teaching at our local high school is the perfect job for me, a mother of three children, one of whom attends ECHS with me.

I teach first year chemistry and AP chemistry, and I coach our large Science Olympiad team. I also coordinate students who participate in the STEM internship program, in which students work for local businesses like Newnan Utilities, Yamaha Motor Manufacturing, Kason Industries, and Piedmont Newnan Hospital. Our  team of science teachers is awesome, but I also enjoy teaching a technology professional development group with teachers outside of my department. Teaching becomes more and more exciting as technology continues to become more accessible. Tools like Edmodo, Twitter, Google tools make learning fun and make it easy to be connected to students and teachers.

I am at a point in my career where I might have something useful to say to others, and I definitely enjoy learning from my colleagues on the world-wide web everyday!


In the end, folks, we ain’t nothing but a song and a story. “

-Joe Lambert

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