WHY is STEM Education So Critical Right Now?

Our Science Olympiad Team at East Coweta High School was one of six finalists in the state of Georgia for the “Best STEM Extracurricular Activity.”  The Technology Association of Georgia, knowns as TAG, compiles a list of great STEM schools, activities, and outreach programs. The Awards Ceremony is a gathering of some of the state’s most passionate STEM advocates: a group of business leaders, educators, political leaders, military, government, and non-profit employees. My colleague Candice Mohabir accompanied me to the event. The two of us piloted our Science Olympiad team over seven years ago and have grown the team from a meager fourteen students to our current sixty-plus kids.

The awards ceremony was a full day of celebration of the impact that STEM education is making in our state as well as encouragement to continue the mission to STEM educate our students. Governor Nathan Deal and Lockheed Martin’s VP Shan Cooper were keynote speakers for the event.

In order to relay the valuable information and inspiration from the day, I created a Google Slides presentation for my students and peers. I am sharing that with you here, so enjoy!

SEE THE SLIDES PRESENTATION: “Why Is STEM Education So Critical Now?”


Candice Mohabir and I at the STEM Ceremony at the Carlos Hellenic Community Center in Atlanta.

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We need to promote STEM to females and minorities to encourage them to not “shy away” from STEM careers.